Frequently Asked Questions

From Primary to high and Vocational schools, we work in all types of schools.

Yes, absolutely! Time and again we receive feedback that observing our lessons allows learners to find new methods and ideas to include in their own English lessons.

The school chooses the timing according to its needs and planning.

Ideally about 6–10 months in advance! This allows us to ensure that we can recruit sufficiently qualified teaching staff. For the first school semester: February–May of the current school year. For the second school semester: late. Sept.–Oct. of the new school year.

VS 25 units, Upper level schools: 29 units

Minimum number: 10 students / group, there are no upper limits for Project Wee

Due to the corona situation, we refrain from giving a presentation. After the Project Week, the pupils and parents will receive a small recording of the Project Week as a memory video.

Our teachers come from many different countries around the world including: England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, America, Canada and Australia.

Actively learning, authentic exchange, immersion in an English-speaking culture: this is how you create sustainable motivation that inspires you to learn English. Hello English! develops a brain-friendly, active learning program with international, English-speaking teachers and tutors to stimulate and promote both hemispheres of the brain. It has been scientifically proven that this type of learning can significantly increase success.

Yes, our Native Speakers are educators. Furthermore, our Native Speakers from Hello English! are trained in foreign language teaching in Austria. Our teachers live in Austria and are therefore familiar with the differences between German and English and the respective cultural differences.

Our Academic team have various qualifications from University degree, TEFL certification, teaching qualifications.

Prospective employees of Hello English! undergo a detailed recruiting process. In addition, our Native Speakers are carefully trained by Hello English!. The Academy is based both on international standards and, in particular, on the Austrian curriculum and the requirements for project work at Austrian schools in order to be able to optimally support the national education system.

No, we refrain from it! The entire added value of our projects lies and remains in Austria.

Please ask

If a child becomes ill during the week, the days not taken part will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. We ask for your understanding that we need a doctor’s confirmation for this.


The quality of a virtual classroom as well as practicing a foreign language lives primarily through diversification. For this reason, various native speakers are available as teachers in the virtual classroom.

Yes, our methodology were designed based on the requirements for project teaching by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and thus supports the Austrian curriculum.

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