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Hello English! brings a holistic approach to learning English into the classroom and enables cultural exchange. In this environment language comes alive and can be learned in a playful way. Finding out that English is fun while incorporating teaching methods like CLIL, task-based learning, and communicative language teaching creates a holistic approach to English teaching.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) from Hello English! is not only teaching foreign languages but also teaching content subjects such as history, sports, geography, biology and technology.

The engaging, enthusiastic English teachers from Hello English! are motivated to provide their students with a fun, memorable, and rewarding learning experience. They enable learners to develop independent learning processes that are tailored to their individual interests. Since practical application is an irreplaceable factor in learning a foreign language, the focus is mainly on speaking and listening.

The Hello English! Workshops include role plays, songs, self-developed, language-focused tasks, and sports from English-speaking countries. By working in small teams, we strengthen cohesion and celebrate success stories together. Solution-oriented learning and action-oriented teaching promote the acquisition of social skills as well as self-organisation and personal responsibility.

Wir stehen für Fairness und Gleichheit in der Bildung. Auf der Grundlage strenger ethischer Standards hat sich die Initiative zum Ziel gesetzt, Sprachunterstützung für alle zu bieten und somit jede Schule in Österreich mit einem English-Projekt zu erreichen.

We stand for fairness and equality in education. On the basis of strict ethical standards, the initiative has set itself the goal of offering language support for everyone and thus reaching every school in Austria with an English project.

Hello English! currently teaches at more than 300 partner schools. In order to promote English as the language of instruction in a sustainable and interdisciplinary manner, Hello English! also provides teacher training to further improve the quality of English teaching in Austrian schools.


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