Hello English!

Let’s improve your English skills!

English project weeks with Native Speakers for Primary, secondary and vocational schools

Learn English by experiencing it!

By diving into and immersing yourself in our active, holistic English Project Week, with our pedagogically trained Native Speakers, it can bring variety and a breath of fresh air to your classes.

We create an immersion environment using active learning, authentic exchange, experiencing an English-speaking culture: this is how you create sustainable motivation that inspires you to learn English.

Project Week

Benefits of our English Project Weeks in schools

For learners

  • Active learning experience
  • International language experience
  • English Native Speakers
  • Cultural exchange
  • Confident communication
  • Easier use of the English language
  • Reduction of nerves
  • Increased self-confidence

For schools

  • Holistic, academic learning concept (STEAM Education)
  • Active learning oriented teaching
  • Help to support English as language of instruction
  • Teaching methods used in our Project Weeks: Communicative Language Teaching (CLIL), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLT) and Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • Student-centred approach to learning
  • Regional added value

For parents

  • Investment in the future of your children
  • Improvement of future opportunities for each child
  • Active language lessons in school
  • Equal opportunities and fairness in education
  • Perfect alternative to traveling abroad
  • Affordable

Native Speakers with Hello English!

Our Native Speakers are trained and qualified for teaching foreign languages. They come from countries around the world including Great Britain 🇬🇧, Ireland 🇮🇪, Australia 🇦🇺, New Zealand 🇳🇿, Canada 🇨🇦 and South Africa 🇿🇦

They live in Austria and are therefore familiar with the differences between German and English and the respective cultural peculiarities.

Why have an English Project Week in class?

Meet English speakers from all over the world
Experience the joy of making progress together
Build confidence when speaking English
Learn in a playful, engaging way with fun and variety